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To become a copy editor, one must typically complete a college degree program in editing or communications, as well as any required internship.

As with any role, be clear on what you’re looking for in an editor before you invite candidates to interviews. Then an interview with one of the hiring managers.



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. . Top 5 magazine editor interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Then an interview with one of the hiring managers. .


I was asked scattered and un-interesting questions.

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Dianne Feinstein on May 11, at her first Senate Judiciary Committee hearing after an almost three-month absence due to a case of shingles. They may have an innate sense for reading people, or they might just be really good at asking the right questions.

Often this will mean spending additional time on calls with them to highlight project.
Be honest.


If the person is a slash and burn type editor – run in the other direction from them.

What suggestions do you offer to writers who. Average Interview. Example: "I started in college as an English major.

Example: "I started in college as an English major. First came a standard HR phone screener, then there were two follow-up video interviews with relevant team members, then a 2-hour timed edit test before the final decision came in. . Jan 4, 2023 · This helps me ensure that our magazine is providing content that resonates with its audience. 5.


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Glassdoor has 3 interview questions and reports from Magazine editor interviews.


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